Personal growth leads to business growth: when your people are thriving and engaged, your bottom line benefits.

Brewer & Co.'s training services inspire measurable improvement in critical interpersonal skills that can be used immediately, enhancing performance today and long term.

We assess what people know to identify gaps in knowledge. We then craft our training to bridge those gaps, transforming your workforce into a fully developed, balanced team.

Colleen Brewer has done extensive research on millennials and believes that integrating their unique talents and perspective into the established workforce offers extraordinary growth opportunities for your business.

Brewer & Co. offers several training modules, including our trademarked "You're On!," a reality show-style competition that enhances the presentation skills and confidence of both novice and seasoned sales and marketing professionals. This training lasts several weeks in order to ensure meaningful participation and includes personal coaching sessions for each participant, video reviews, and advancement until the judges award a winner.

Sample Menu:

  • New hire onboarding programs
  • Customized training to your team's gaps in knowledge
  • Reality show-style competition that engages a multi-generational workforce
I look at winning You’re On! as the most pivotal achievement in my career.”

”I loved how all the sales staff, tenured and inexperienced, started on an even playing field. The expert feedback and coaching gave me the tools I needed to grow my presentation skills and my confidence more and more with each round.”

”This competition taught me that with hard work I can do anything!”

”It was not like normal training in a classroom or even typical “on the job” training. Colleen had a creative idea to make the training fun for naturally competitive salespeople and it WORKED.
— You’re On! training participants