Headquartered in Austin, TX, Brewer & Co. is an eclectic group of sales and marketing professionals, strategic geniuses, and creative minds.

We're the extra person at your table who brings the priceless combination of vigorous energy and extensive business experience. Our satisfaction comes from your success.

Brewer & Co. thrives in the midst of transition and upheaval. We're experts at harnessing the energy that crackles during times of change and turning it into previously unimagined levels of sales and marketing excellence for your business.

Sales, training, and strategizing are second nature to us. We're highly motivated by the same things sales people are: money, praise, power, and advancement. We've worked everywhere from the front lines to the executive suite, so we understand your perspective and know what to do at every level.

Our team includes:

  • Sales trainers
  • Sales strategists
  • Researchers
  • Digital advertising experts
  • Social media specialists
  • Brand experts
  • Event planners
  • Marketing analysts
  • Media analysts and rate negotiators
  • Designers
  • Content writers
  • Videographers
Korey Howell Photography

Korey Howell Photography

Colleen Brewer is the sparkplug behind Brewer & Co. With more than 25 years of experience in sales leadership, Colleen is an expert at determining which path leads to greatest performance in the shortest period of time. Her irresistible high energy and optimism combines with her ridiculous work ethic to make her a force of nature who will help you get exactly what you want.

Much of her experience is in the media industry working for print and digital giants like Gannett, Media News Group, and Cox Media Group. Colleen is known for cultivating enduring customer relationships and her personalized, multi-platform solutions that reach consumers in an ever-changing new media environment.

Because she gets results, Colleen has been a sought-after media executive, serving on boards such as Newspaper Association of America and Texas Woman in Business. Colleen earned her bachelor's degree in communications from Anderson University and is passionate about people reaching their potential and being fulfilled in their careers and lives.

I love creating ideas that improve business. I’m inspired by companies today that are doing more with less yet maintain creativity and forward-thinking initiatives. I’ve built Brewer & Co. to be an extra set of hands, eyes, and instincts so you can get your job done!
— Colleen Brewer